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Call your local telephone carrier and confirm whether your business number is listed in their directory assistance as the policy can vary for different carriers. If it isn't listed, inquire how to set up a business listing. Most likely, they'll recommend setting up a remote call forwarding under your business name.

There will be charges involved, but considering the volume of people using , that cost may be worth it. One service to try is List Yourself! This service connects you with 5, directory assistance listings for free. You can also set up a listing through Verizon, even if you are not a Verizon customer, by using their online listing platform. You can also get a free business phone number listing to yellowpages. For a fee, you can upgrade your listing to include a video profile, premium placement, an enhanced search program and a website.

If you are told that there is no listing, inform them that you are the owner of the business, and ask them how to get listed locally. There may be a small charge which is a sound investment to make sure that customers can find your company. To ensure that your information is listed correctly, call yourself. I was gonna call them tomorrow to run a different card because I could definitely use the traffic. Thank you for posting this. Same here in NY. All the lady would tell me is that her company name is PDS, and when I pushed for further information such as their address or details, she simply hung up.


How can we get them to stop calling us? Getting them to stop calling is difficult. If you can locate their actual company, you can file a complaint, however, since they are hiding this information, it is difficult. Then I googled google business scams and found you. Thanks for helping alert people. Was very focused in getting my card number.

Would not give me a call back number or website info. The caller ID suggests it was a local area code.

Why Choose Google My Business Support Phone Number for Business Listing Help

Thx for posting this scam! After repeatedly asking to be pulled off the list, I was told yesterday that until I pay, I will continue to get rerouted.

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They would not give me names, cities or a supervisors name. I have even been hung up on twice while questioning.

Hitting the number 2 to be removed from their listing does NOTHING as it just goes to another one of their call centers to call you again and again! It is the most annoying and to the point of harrassing thing I have been though on the phone. I can not get it to stop….

How to Find the eBay Item Number for a Listing

Just dealt with these people. I asked for name of company they gave me name, I asked for address and she got belligerent that i was asking to many questions. Her name was Leah and wow did she get feisty in a flash. I hung up on her as she elevated the tone extra fast. Thanks for your comment. Yes, they get very upset with you. How do I get them to stop calling?!

I have blocked there number. I have pressed two to be taken off their call list. They call over and over and over again at my office. Sometimes only fifteen minutes later. They keep calling from a different number once I block them or press 2. I am so annoyed with this company. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to fully stop them. They are breaking the law by robocalling you to start, so, there is no legal way to stop them. Cellphone providers are working on a solution to block robocalls, however, they have not rolled it out due to some FTC regulations.

There are a few robocall blocking apps that do a pretty good job. This was how I decreased mine, however, I still get a decent bit. Hi, Chris. It blocks most without my phone even ringing. Legit calls come through and if a scam does get through, you can report and block through HIYA and it gets flagged for other customers. Totally free version.

I am going to give it a try and see how it does. Actually you can try this. Wait a minute and then tell them that the government has traced their line. They will soon get a visit from someone with a specail skill set that will make them wish they were never born. Then tell them to have a great day and hang up. I receive at least 10 calls per day at my business, I had the one number memorized as to not answer it, but now they use different numbers randomly all day long.

He gave me a address to fix it. Yeah, its not fixed. I keep asking them to remove me and I just got two in the span of 30 minutes! They hang up when I ask to be removed. I fell for the scam with a rep…. How do we have success on google if these are all scams? Im not getting any phone calls from my google Business listing??

Step 1:Get To Yellow Pages listing Form

You can claim your Google My Business listing for free. Once you have claimed it, you can optimize your listing. We have an article on how to optimize your listing. A lot of these people are calling, when asking and being told to be removed from the list they say fine but they keep calling. Colorado is a state where only one party has to be aware that the call is being recorded. Some of these I have been able to capture with my cell phone and Leah is a caller as well.

here When pressed for an actual Federal Tax ID to track their business through the attorney general they refuse. When asking for an address to send a formal Cease and Desist to, they state they have no physical address and are satellite offices. When asked for a corporate address they state they are not allowed to give that information out. When asked for an Employee ID they say a random number so far. The number you call back has often been spoofed to lead to a disconnected number or some poor blokes cell phone.

This takes a while but the best way to get these folks to stop calling or at least reduce the number of calls is speak with them for 5 minutes or longer ask random silly questions and make random stuff up about your business. Waste their time and eventually the stats they run they stop calling. I am just guessing at this but this is what I can surmise from my experience as an analyst.


Anything over a second call is recorded and marked down as spoken with. If nothing is closed and money is not obtained they will try again. If the pattern repeats multiple times with no money obtained they are now wasting dialer calls and time for agents. Eventually they will stop. We have gone from calls a day to maybe 1 now. I receive up to 15 calls per day even after blocking them.

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  • Step 2: Search for Your Business.
  • I do not answer or let the answering machine pick up, if I recognize the. If it simply rings and they get no connection, you will be removed. I tell them they have reached Google and I am the owner. HI—we have been receiving at least 10 or more calls a day by numerous phone numbers claiming we need to verify our google listing. Just had one a few minutes ago. I actually pressed 1 to see what he said. Pretty much what you had described. He also acted like he was looking up our google listing and told me that all of our competitors were coming up but not us. Ha Ha—i got on computer after that and googled glass repair and lo and behold there we were.

    I can believe they keep getting away with this. The calls are getting annoying to say the least.

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