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There are many other interesting places to enjoy some tunes. Some of the venues boast big name artists, while all of them promise musicians worth seeing. Fingerprints Music: This record store boasts performances by popular rock, punk, pop and related genre artists promoting their latest releases.

Days and times vary, E. Amoeba Music: Shop for sounds and catch deejay sets and live music of every genre. Days and times vary, Sunset Blvd. Betalevel: A hidden basement in Chinatown hosts artists from around the world performing music a range of genres, including the experimental and eclectic. Days and times vary, sign up for mailing list, N. Hill St. Brouwerji West: Craft beer tasting room also pouring rock, pop and related genres.

Select days and times, E. Boulevard Music: All styles of music with a focus on stringed instruments. Rise-N-Grind: Stop in for coffee or juice and stay for acoustic music. Wednesdays, Hollywood Blvd. Timewarp Records: Between the vinyl listen to live punk, metal, rock and related genres. Select days and times, Venice Blvd. Times vary on select Thursdays-Sundays, E. Chapman Ave. Stadium Brew Co. Back to the Grind: Jazz weekly in a coffee house with a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse menu, which includes sandwiches, pizza and vegan dishes. Fridays, also open mics and music on select Tuesdays and Saturdays, University Ave.

Folk Music Center: Roots, folk, bluegrass, old-time and related genres rule on a small stage towards the back of the store. Times vary on select Saturdays, Yale Ave. Last Name Brewing: Rock and other genres in the tasting room.. Lorimar Winery: Listen to a variety of rock and related genres. Credit for the road project was given to County Supervisor Redmond Staats, who had, the Berkeley Gazette reported, conceived the project and championed it through nearly a decade of planning, engineering, and funding decisions.

The road was planned after the Berkeley Fire as a barrier against, and a way to reach and fight, wildfires before they could sweep down the hills into built-up districts.

It also added a tourist attraction to Berkeley. By , despite the Depression, automobile touring was popular. Berkeley was no exception. The completion of the crucial stretch of Grizzly Peak was just one of the local improvements under way. Down on the waterfront, then befouled by sewage outflow, plans were being made for an Eastshore highway that would allow drivers to bypass the congestion along San Pablo Avenue. The Bay Bridge was almost literally on the horizon; construction would begin in As they gathered at the crest of the hills, and lauded the completion of the Grizzly Peak route, local officials took particular note of its value in a car-oriented age.

Adams, managing director of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. Berkeley Mayor Thomas C.

34 places to hear live music in Southern California – Press Enterprise

The formal opening came with a snip of a ceremonial ribbon, scissors wielded by six-year old Patricia Connolly, daughter of the president of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. The road thus thrown open to traffic was not quite the Grizzly Peak of today. The foot-wide surface was graveled, not paved, and still bereft of finished shoulders, railings, and signage.

Tilden Park did not exist to the east. No university developments climbed higher than the Botanical Garden, and no Centennial Drive snaked through Strawberry Canyon to the summit. Residential subdivisions did not densely crowd the ridge lines north of campus and south of Claremont Canyon.

Not all the cars stay on the shoulder. Some tumbles are caused by crashes. Others, Klatt says, are pushed over the edge by joyriders and thieves. That practice has slowed since large logs, from eucalyptus clearance operations, were placed along the shoulders. Grizzly Peak remains a popular spot for sightseeing.

Local historian Paul Grunland points out that with private development over the years, homes and trees have come to block once-public views from most other points along the ridgeline. Klatt adds that recent eucalyptus thinning operations, primarily carried out to reduce wildfire risk, have also opened up the Grizzly Peak views. Most of those enjoying the photo and view opportunities today probably have no idea of the third justification for building the road: providing work for hundreds of Alameda County unemployed men, as the Depression deepened.

University of California, Irvine

In fact, as the road opened, Herbert Hoover was beginning his formal re-election campaign by telling the Republican National Convention that cutting taxes, not public spending, was the proper approach to economic ills. Many locals were in sympathy. Perhaps the opening had been intentionally premature. Supervisor Staats was running for Congress, and the public lauding he received as visionary promoter of the new road was good publicity just before the primary election.

It was a heated contest—with murky allegations of separate political scandals involving Staats and a candidate for his supervisorial seat—and less than two weeks after the road dedication, Staats was bested by a margin of only a few votes in the Republican primary.

2 Men Facing Murder Charges Escape Monterey County Jail

Back then, the Republican nomination for Congress was tantamount to election in a one-party town like Berkeley, just as the same is true for Democratic candidates today. Ralph Eltse took not only the primary from Staats but also the general election, despite the national Roosevelt landslide. Staats does not seem to have held elective office after his defeat, and today seems largely forgotten in the East Bay. Others who helped bring about the road—or who at least were prominent dignitaries at the opening—are better remembered.

The name of former Berkeley Mayor Thomas Caldecott who was elected supervisor to replace Staats adorns the highway tunnel through the Berkeley Hills. Even County Surveyor George Posey, who had managed the technical planning of the road, has his name on the Posey Tube, the underwater traffic tunnel from Oakland to Alameda. He died—an apparent suicide—a few weeks before the opening, as his office came under scrutiny for possible connections to a real estate scam.

Ascend the canyon and turn left at the four way summit intersection. Turn right and go south through the residential neighborhoods to reach the vista road.

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Take care with the blind curves, fast traffic, and steep shoulders along the road, and share the lanes with bicyclists. Later, the University of California acted like a magnet, drawing students and staff. That magnet continues to pull in all directions. Diversity makes Berkeley unique and is reflected in its neighborhoods, each with its own brand of architecture, culture, parks and businesses. So, grab some friends and a bus pass and do some exploring.

Discover them for yourself, select your favorites and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for a return visit. Cultural diversity rules in West Berkeley. Explore Little India where the smells and colors send you eastward. More culture awaits at Takara Sake on Addison Street, from its architectural design and crisp cool sakes to the 19th-century sake production artifacts within its museum. North Berkeley is known for innovation in food, an epicurean groaning board.

What began as a neighborhood of railroad men and their families developed into a quiet, middle-class area. Its changing art exhibits are expressive and thought-provoking.

criminals released to anza california 2007-2009 Criminals released to anza california 2007-2009
criminals released to anza california 2007-2009 Criminals released to anza california 2007-2009
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criminals released to anza california 2007-2009 Criminals released to anza california 2007-2009
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