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While the destruction of a soulless building can be painful for people who recall the efforts that were required to create it, the hopes and dreams of the people who populated it, and the dramas played out in it, the loss become deeper when memories accompany it into oblivion. Sometime in the next few years, the Fayetteville library will construct new buildings over the land long occupied by the church and hospital.

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It will offer space and programs that, no doubt, will be the envy of most cities. Grace Reese Adkins, whose short biography is presented in this paper, would have been deeply disturbed by the destruction of City Hospital Park, had she lived to see it.

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She wrote about the beauty of the flowers in the park in letters to the editor of the Northwest Arkansas Times in and There is a beauty spot in Fayetteville which few people know anything about, namely a lovely colony of buttercups in City Hospital Park, which increase in size from year to year…I first discovered this colony in the early spring , when I was a patient in the City Hospital. I looked out of my window and saw the small patch of yellow on the green slope of the hillside. Many years later we bought a home on the edge of the park, and there they were still, but in greater numbers.

Each year they carpet a larger area…. You ought to see them. They are close to West Street, in a swale where the ravine flattens out and the sun creeps in. Letter to the editor. Northwest Arkansas Times , April 22, , p 3; also see, Letter to the editor. Northwest Arkansas Times , March 20, , p. Florence Woodcock McCullough. Living Authors of the Ozarks and their Literature. Self-published, pp. Also, Mrs. Adkins alludes to her work as a teacher in a short summary of her life that she wrote in for her entry in Living Authors of the Ozarks and their Literature see footnote 4.

Adkins wrote about attending an Arkansas history course at the University of Arkansas during the first decade of the s. For a while, Lucy had accompanied him as song leader for some of the services. Mobley — left this work as a full-time evangelist before In , he was farming in Prairie Grove and working for a program to help farmers improve their crops.

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The census that year showed that Edgar L. Reese, Mrs. Adkins brother, was among the people living on his farm. Mobley spent some years in the s in Washington D. In the late s, he returned to farming in Prairie Grove and was elected nineteen times to one-year terms as president of the Washington County Farm Bureau. He regularly served on the state board of the Farm Bureau during these years.

In , Mrs.

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Atkins had another daughter, Lois Margaret -? Northwest Arkansas Times , March 2, , p. According to Mrs. Convention August Adkins was president of the district Sunday school association and secretary of the county association. Accessible through Google Books. Also see,. I have not identified the magazine in which the serialized novel was published nor found any evidence it was published as a book. Fred Williams, et al. Note, Arkansas Gazette , January 30, , p. Arkansas Gazette , February 2, , p. The February 1, meeting featured authors from Northwest Arkansas.

Both Mrs. Adkins and Thomas Elmore Lucey, mentioned in footnote 6, made presentations at the meeting.

Meeting Held at Fayetteville. Grace Reese Adkins. Bethany, a town mentioned in the New Testament, was the home of Lazarus, who — according to the Bible -- was resurrected by Jesus four days after he died. Bethany is also the West Virginia city that was home to Alexander Campbell and is the name of the college he established there in Adkins stated specifically that her camp was first held the same year that the Erieside Camp first met. But while it did much good, it could not turn the tide of apostasy in the churches.

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The Restoration Herald , vol 17 1 , pp. The following is from a newspaper article, likely based on materials written by Mrs.

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Adkins, that briefly told the history of the Bethany Bible Camp:. Bethany Bible Camp was one of the two first camps in the modern Christian Service Movement for young people. The other was located in Erieside, Ohio. Both camps started in without knowledge of each other and have served as models for many years until the number of the camps now totals in the United States.

The main idea behind the service camps is education in Bible scriptures and preparation for Christian work on a non-sectarian basis. A large number of recruits for full time gospel and missionary work enter Bible colleges each year from the services camps. The first site of Bethany Bible Camps was at Wesley, and the school house there was used for assembly, tents for dormitories, and the improved outdoor kitchen for cooking. It has also been held at Brentwood, West Fork, Farmington, and the Adkins home north of Fayetteville, where tents, garage, basement and barn lofts were combined to provide dormitory accommodations.

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For the past three seasons the camp has been held at the Highland Community building with tents used for sleeping. A permanent camp ground has been acquired nearby, but it is not yet ready for use. Foster, published in by Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Adkins see footnote 6. Lucy knew Mrs.

Adkins through the Arkansas Authors and Composers Society of which both were members in the early s and through mutual association with H. Mosely and his family. See these articles for descriptions of various Bethany Bible Camps and vacation bible schools:.

Northwest Arkansas Times , May 31, , p. Adkins mentioned this story as her favorite in her entry in Florence Woodcock McCullough. See footnote 4. This poem was published in Florence Woodcock McCullough. While Martha was distracted by preparing a meal, Mary sat and talked at length with Jesus. Martha was not pleased. Northwest Arkansas Times , July 21, Northwest Arkansas Times , Aug.

I found no records that document his preparation for the ministry. Huckleberry is known as a forceful speaker and talented musician. He will bring with him a number of instruments, which he will play at the service. Fred Huckleberry sic to Speak at Mission. Isabel France. One of the members added through baptism that week was Bernice Durning, my mother. See these articles:.

Adkins Editor of Gospel Challenge.

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Both were elders when the church installed new officers for the coming year in late September After preaching at a local Baptist church during most of , Odean Carnes was the minister of Central Christs Church when it opened its doors South Government Street near the beginning of I was probably the last person that Huckelberry baptized at Christ Church. It was his last Sunday there on January 28, I was attending church at the time of the split, but as a teenager, I did not pay much attention to what was going on and why.

Northwest Arkansas Times Feb 5, , p. As the list shows, Carroll Cole, who departed as minister in September , returned six years later to again take on the ministry. He fell ill in Summer, and passed away in December. Tresa McBee Riha.

people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
people search fred organ anniston missouri People search fred organ anniston missouri
People search fred organ anniston missouri

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