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Customizing Your Cisco Unified IP Phone On The Web

By placing a tick against the appropriate rule and then choosing one of two radio buttons, you specify whether the incoming call is to be forwarded to Voice Mail or forwarded to another extension. In the example above, when the called party is busy on another call, both internal and external calls are forwarded to a colleagues extension. If the called party is away from their desk, calls will be forwarded on to Voice Mail.

Once all of the configuration changes are complete. Click Save.

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Using Call Logs and Directories Your phone holds logs of missed calls, placed and received calls. Each of these listings can store up to 32 records. A searchable university corporate directory will be built as staff are added to the directory during the deployment. There is also a Personal Directory on the phone. These are created on the phone when you are logged in and will follow your profile. IT Training Helpsheet 7. Use the navigation button to select 1 of the 5 categories listed and press the Select button.

As you navigate through the logs, call details are displayed. Press the Exit soft key to return to the previous screen. To edit a number e. Enter search criteria e. Select the record and dial in the normal way. Speed dials can be assigned to line buttons down the right side of the phone. The number of speed dials available depends on both the type of phone and how the phone has been configured by the telephony administration team. The number of speed dials available to you will be listed at the top of the screen as a number of rows under Speed Dial Settings.

Click in the first box and enter your chosen telephone number. Remember to include the 9 for an outside line if it is an external contact.

CUCM IP Phone Registration and Configuration and make a call between two ip phones

Click in the adjacent box to enter a label. This is how the speed dial will be displayed on your phone. Your phone will appear to reset and the speed dial will appear against a line button. To use the speed dial, simply press the line button adjacent to the speed dial. Note that the sequence of row numbers follows on from the speed dial row numbers above.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide

IT Training Helpsheet 8. Click Save - your phone will appear to reset but the display will remain unchanged. To use a configured Abbreviated Dial On the telephone keypad, enter the row number of the abbreviated dial.

Add New. Add details. Remember to include the 9 for an outside line in any telephone number if it is an external contact. Save details a message at the top of the page should advise that it has been added successfully. Once you have completed all you need to in CCM User, you can log out. The remaining steps are carried out on the phone: Choose Directories and then Personal Directory. The entry will come up on screen select it to display the details you added in CCM User.

In the bottom screen sort by pressing Fast Dial.

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Select the phone number to fast dial and choose an unassigned fast dial. Press Select and you should see a confirmation message. Exit and cancel out. Go to Personal Fast Dials. Cisco IP Phone and User Guide Depending on configuration, programmable buttons provide access to: Phone lines line buttons Speed-dial numbers speed-dial buttons 1 The buttons illuminate to.

Awakens the touchscreen. Programmable Buttons 2. Foot stand Button 3. Display Button 4. Messages Button 5. Directies Button 6. Help Button 7. Settings Button 8. Services Button 9. Please note that the phone handset will display. Statement of Non-Discrimination. Phone Screen 3. Foot stand Button 4.

Volume Button. The biggest things to be aware.

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  • Header Displays date, time and extension number 2. Programmable feature button - Shows feature button programming depending on your confi guration 3. An Overview of Your Phone Cisco Unified IP Phones are full-feature telephones that provide voice communication over the data network that your computer uses, allowing you to place and receive phone calls,.


    Follow the recorded instruction to record your name, record. Otherwise, network interruption may be resulted. These guides. Place a call Redial a number Switch to the handset during a call Switch. Phone Set Features and Functions Incoming call. This system communicates across the network rather than using traditional phone wiring. The technology, known. Voicemail Cisco IP.

    IP Phones & ATA’s | VoIP-ROYCE

    Basic Call Handling You can perform basic call-handling tasks using a range of features and services. Feature availability can vary; see your system administrator for more information.

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    Placing a Call Basic. Line 1 Personal Line 4. Placing a Call: 1. Main Menu 1. Line Appearance Colors. Not all features listed are available by default. Contact your. Release 5. All rights reserved. T, T, T, T, T,. This phone functions much like a traditional analog phone, allowing.

    ccmuser page cisco ip phone 7961 Ccmuser page cisco ip phone 7961
    ccmuser page cisco ip phone 7961 Ccmuser page cisco ip phone 7961
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