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Your record lists criminal and traffic convictions and sentencing from court appearances. It does not include Youth Court charges. Criminal Record may be required when applying for an overseas visa or when relocating to another country.

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New Zealand Police Website. Embassy Websites: Information and Links to the different Embassies, High Commissions and representative offices can be found here. New Zealand Ministry of Justice. Get a copy of your criminal record. Request authorization to view someones criminal record. An individual must meet all of the criteria in section7 of the Criminal Records Clean Slate Act before all of their convictions can be concealed.

The general criteria for obtaining the benefits of the 'clean slate' scheme are set out below. The individual must have:. Jump to: navigation , search. Create Procedure for New Zealand. Request a Procedure. Namespaces Page Discussion. The case was a sensation because of the gruesome circumstances and the hysterical behaviour of the accused in court. Although she had concealed the deaths of several children in her care, it remains unclear whether Dean was actually guilty of murder.

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Seeking to publicise his campaign to cleanse the empire of alien influences, Terry turned himself in with the murder weapon. He was to spend the rest of his life — nearly half a century — in mental hospitals. Three of the boys died immediately, while the other three victims lingered for up to a fortnight before succumbing to their horrific injuries. The inquest jury returned a verdict of temporary insanity.

At her avidly followed trial, Bock admitted to masquerading as a man, forgery, false pretences and theft. She received a two-year prison sentence. He died the following day. To unionists, on the other hand, Evans was an innocent victim of state violence. On 28 September prostitute Frances Marshall was brutally stabbed in Auckland. However, no similar attacks followed. Read more PapersPast. No clear motive emerged before he was hanged on 13 February at the Terrace Gaol, Wellington. She then shot herself in the head but survived to stand trial.

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The jury recommended mercy on the grounds of provocation, but the judge sentenced her to life with hard labour. This case vindicated the use of fingerprint evidence in New Zealand, as prints left on the gun were matched with some found in the post office. Cresswell alleged that the mayor had made homosexual advances. Despite an energetic search by the police and wide public cooperation with the investigation, the murderer was never found.

Martha was acquitted — her defence counsel claimed she was weak-minded and pressured to assist her husband — but Daniel was ultimately found guilty and executed. The cause of death was not confirmed but locals suspected her cousin, William Bayly, who was to be convicted of murdering the Lakey couple in One of the victims, year-old farmer Thomas Wright, had been shot in the head prior to the fire, but there was not enough evidence to convict anyone.

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Read more Te Ara and see contemporary newspaper account PapersPast. Their neighbour, William Alfred Bayly, was convicted of the murders and hanged on 20 July This case marked the beginning of more professional and thorough evidence-gathering by police. On the 20th, near Morrinsville, he shot Constable Thomas Heeps, who died the next day.

Cornered by other policemen, Hona committed suicide. Police ruled her death no accident but never found the murderer. Helped by James Talbot, he placed a corpse in a bach and set this on fire. Both men were found guilty of arson and — a New Zealand first — improper interference with a dead human body.

He later killed an agricultural instructor and two Home Guardsmen.

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  • The con went on for months until suspicions led to an investigation. No charges were laid against Ross or his co-conspirator, Charles Remmers. There were a number of suspects but no one was ever convicted of the crime. Some see him as a scapegoat for the wartime failings of a hard-pressed Railways Department. She had apparently committed suicide, but how her body ended up where it was found remains a mystery. This man was never identified and the murder remained unsolved. Despite the absence of a body or a confession, Horry was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    It was finally decided that the pair were not insane and had murdered Mrs Parker in cold blood. Because of their youth they were released after five years in prison, on condition that they never contact each other again. The two house surgeons had been engaged to each other until Senga miscarried. She was charged with manslaughter after claiming she had wanted to frighten Saunders, not kill him. After a controversial trial he was convicted of murdering his wife, Beatrice, and hanged at Mount Eden prison.

    Maltby was the main suspect, but he escaped into the bush while under police surveillance.

    Although it was established that the bomb was sent from Dunedin, no firm lead was ever found. This prison break lasted 65 days, his second days and his last just three hours. Wasmuth was found not guilty of the murders by reason of insanity. Read more Stuff. McPhee was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders. This shooting, less than a month after the Waitakere murders, led to the formation of the Armed Offenders Squad in The men were involved in a gangland dispute over illegal liquor dens.

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    Both Gillies and Jorgensen were sentenced to life imprisonment. It is believed she was strangled in a sexually motivated attack. Despite a massive police investigation the murder remains unsolved. Read more Crime. Arthur Allan Thomas, who farmed nearby, was twice convicted of double murder, but doubts remained about police methods and evidence. It is still not known who was responsible for the Crewe murders. Read more Te Ara.

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    Sutch, was arrested on charges of sharing state information with Russian diplomat Dimitri Aleksandrovick Razgovorov. Sutch was the first person charged with an offence under the Official Secrets Act. He was ultimately acquitted. The bullet was meant for another person. Two men who had accompanied him on the fateful night and been granted immunity from prosecution gave evidence. The jury did not accept their evidence that McDonald fired the shot that killed Bell, but found him guilty as a participant with others.

    His corpse had been hastily mutilated to make identification difficult. His associate Terence John Clark was found to have called a hit against Johnstone and was convicted of his murder on 15 July Clark was found guilty after a day trial, one of the longest in English history.

    No motive was established and the case remains unsolved. A Portuguese crew member, Fernando Pereira, was killed by the second bomb. In , after the development of new techniques for DNA testing, Jules Mikus was arrested and convicted of sexual violation and murder. A teenage dominatrix and her partner were tried three times for murder and finally acquitted.

    Gray was shot dead the next day by police officers. He was the only one to stand trial. He went on to kill his three sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandson before committing suicide. His nine-year-old granddaughter Linda, who hid in a wardrobe, was the only survivor.

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    • He was sentenced to life imprisonment. John Barlow faced three trials for the murders.

      checking criminal background of new zealanders Checking criminal background of new zealanders
      checking criminal background of new zealanders Checking criminal background of new zealanders
      checking criminal background of new zealanders Checking criminal background of new zealanders
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      checking criminal background of new zealanders Checking criminal background of new zealanders

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