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That being said, this offense is limited to perpetrators [ May 3. It is illegal to drive under the influence DUI of alcohol or drugs in Illinois because of the risk of property damage, physical injury, and even death.

Lake County Sex Offender Apprehended After 3 Months On The Run

Penalties for Standard [ The incident in question occurred on March 7th near the block of North Gregory Street. That is when this Urbana man allegedly threw a student [ Under Illinois law, it is illegal to kidnap or otherwise confine a person against his or her will. While popular movies and TV shows might take a simplistic view of kidnapping, there are many subtleties to this crime in Illinois.

Depending on the circumstances of the offense, the kidnapper can even face serious prison time [ Apr 5. Co-sponsored by State Representative Maurice West II, this bill would allow state authorities to pursue criminal cases against sex crime perpetrators at any time.

The State of Illinois has many laws against the use of dangerous weapons, such as knives, clubs, and firearms. Due to the inherent risks associated with the use of firearms, specifically, there are additional restrictions and penalties under Illinois law, including aggravated discharge of a firearm. A home invasion under Illinois law is a highly specific type of criminal offense.

Unlike the more general crime of breaking and entering, a home invasion also deals with the use of force or threats of force. If there is no one present who sustains physical harm during the offense, it does not normally qualify [ Under the laws of the State of Illinois, it is unlawful to make unwanted physical contact with another person.

This is referred to legally as battery or aggravated battery, depending on the circumstances of the offense.

The presence of actual contact is what differentiates battery from assault crimes, which only address threats of unwanted physical [ Jul 5. Pritzker signed a new law on June 25th, Illinois became the 11th U. As of January 1, , the legal limit will be 30 grams for residents and 15 grams for non-residents.

Officially titled the Cannabis Regulation [ What Qualifies as Forgery in Illinois? From an overarching standpoint, forgery involves the creation of a fake document or the alteration of an existing document. For example, some minors possess forged identification cards to illegally purchase alcohol. Some scammers send forged emails pretending to be a legitimate institution, such as a bank or government agency.

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Regardless of the type of forged [ In her fourth DUI offense, this woman registered a blood-alcohol concentration BAC of almost three times the legal limit. The state troopers pulled over [ Burglary vs. Residential Burglary in Illinois The State of Illinois prohibits any person from stealing property or other valuable items under the general umbrella of theft crimes. Within that umbrella, Illinois also has specific types of theft, including but not limited to burglary and residential burglary.

What is the Illinois Definition of Burglary?

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The Illinois definition of burglary appears under [ Jun 7. To preserve safe roadways across the state, Illinois law prohibits driving under the influence DUI of alcohol or drugs. Additionally, even if a person is completely sober, Illinois law also bars people from driving recklessly or dangerously. If convicted for either DUI or reckless driving, Illinois law mandates serious criminal penalties, including but not limited [ Any equipment used in conjunction with illegal drugs and other controlled substances is referred to as drug paraphernalia in Illinois. Under state law, it is illegal to deliver or possess drug paraphernalia.

Any person who violates these laws can face criminal liability in the form of prison time and fines. Definition of Drug Paraphernalia Under [ Aug 2.

Judge calls convicted sex offender's acts in Wonder Lake 'disgusting' | Northwest Herald

Illinois Removes Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Crimes Starting on January 1st, there will not be a statute of limitations for standard and aggravated criminal sexual assault crimes in Illinois, according to an article by WIFR. Once effective, House Bill removes the three-year timeline for victims to report sexual assault and similar crimes to the appropriate authorities.

Additionally, the year limit for [ Police officers executed this traffic stop on Thursday, May 30th near the block of East Johns Avenue. The officers stopped the driver due to a [ Peoria City Councilman Arrested for Aggravated Domestic Battery A Peoria councilman potentially faces criminal charges after his arrest last month for aggravated domestic battery, according to an article by Peoria Public Radio.

This criminal inquiry stems from an incident that occurred on July 30th at approximately p. That is when the Peoria Police Department responded to an allegation of domestic battery on [ Despite these historical roots, Illinois law prohibits the exchange of sexual acts for money or other things of value. If a person receives something of value in exchange for performing sexual penetration or other acts, then [ The appellate judges were not convinced that the Peoria man was fit to stand trial.

In terms of background, this case traces back to April 6, [ The incident that gave rise to this criminal case dates back to January That is when the Marion man brandished a firearm at [ Drug Trafficking in Illinois Drug crimes and addiction ruin many lives across the State of Illinois every year, tearing families apart and even resulting in fatal overdoses.

Accordingly, Illinois law prohibits any person from manufacturing, delivering, or trafficking drugs. When a person violates these laws by manufacturing, delivering, or trafficking drugs, the end result is generally an extended prison [ Sep 6. The elderly [ Former Illinois Policeman Faces Multiple Charges for Aggravated Crimes A former police officer from Moline, Illinois, faces charges for aggravated assault and aggravated discharge of a firearm after shooting a gun from his convertible, according to an article by WQAD.

This incident occurred on September 12th at approximately 6 p. That is when the [ In order to regain driving privileges, that person must fulfill certain conditions and apply for license reinstatement. Though the terms and conditions of reinstatement often [ Aug 9. Illinois Teenager Receives Year Sentence for Residential Arson After pleading guilty to residential arson, an Urbana, Illinois, teenager received a year prison sentence, according to an article by The News-Gazette.

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This latest guilty plea resolved a complex criminal case against the teenager, which also included aggravated battery charges. The incident in question dates back to June 8th. That is when the Urbana teenager [ Oct 4. Any person who drives under the influence DUI of alcohol or drugs represents a serious danger to the general public. Any person who violates these laws can face criminal punishment, including jail time, fines, and license suspension or revocation. Illinois Definition of Driving Under the [ Predatory criminal sexual assault of a child is an Illinois sex crime that addresses victims under the age of In general terms, Illinois law prohibits any person aged 17 years or older from engaging in sexual acts with this type of victim.

These laws exist to protect younger children from sexual predators. Only specific [ Examining the Illinois Difference Between Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Under Illinois law, robbery is a theft crime that involves force or the threat of force. Without the presence of threatened or actual force, it does not qualify as robbery in Illinois. For more serious offenses, the perpetrator could face charges for aggravated robbery instead. To understand the difference between these two criminal offenses, it [ Examining Illinois Laws Against Possession of Cocaine Outside of extremely narrow exceptions, it is a criminal offense to possess cocaine in the State of Illinois.

Referred to legally as a controlled substance, cocaine is classified under Schedule II based on its limited medical use and abusive potential.

Any person who possesses cocaine — or an imitation substance that is substantially similar — [ While there are many similarities between these two offenses, Illinois law defines and punishes them separately. To understand the nuances between these crimes, the following sections will examine several relevant Illinois statutes. Nov 1. On October 7th at approximately p. Before the officers could complete their investigation or [ Criminal defense. Production or Possession of Cannabis Sativa Plant.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child. Cannabis Delivery to Persons under 18 Years of Age. Delivery of Cannabis on School Grounds.

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Manufacture or Delivery of Cannabis. Case results. JM was facing a potential felony charge of possession of a controlled substance. The charge against BO was dismissed in August , right before trial. RP was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in March In September , RP had a jury trial and was found not guilty.


AE was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony, in May In June , the DUI charge was dismissed and a petition to rescind statutory summary suspension was granted, allowing SB to keep his driver's license. AH was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and with obstructing justice. In February , the charge against RM was dismissed and a petition to rescind statutory summary suspension was granted, allowing RM to keep his driver's license.

The charge resulted in a jury trial.

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