Name change on birth certificate california

Learn more about the requirements for making changes to your child's birth certificate.

A process server will charge a fee. Whoever serves the absent parent must fill out and sign the Proof of Service, then give it to you.

Marriage Name Change Options

You must take the completed Proof of Service and file it with the clerk. Do this right away because the publication process must be complete before your hearing.

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When publication is complete, the newspaper will file proof of publication with the court and will mail you a copy. If everything is in order and there are no objections, you can pick up the signed Decree Changing Name NC Check the local fee schedule for copying fees. We cannot say how many copies you need.

Updates to the Name and Gender Marker Change Process in California - East Bay Community Law Center

Have your child get a new driver's license and Social Security card with the new name. If your child wasn't born in the U. Click on the form number to download the application. NOTE: If you have any problems, remind the clerks that they must accept the new name as long as you give them the needed documentation. Give them your name, mailing address, and say you want Form VS Fill out Form VS in black ink, with no cross outs, mistakes or erased items.

See the State's information sheet on Amended birth certificates following a court-ordered name change to know how much your fee will be. The Office of Vital Records will send you a certified copy of the birth certificate in 2 parts — the original certificate and the amended certificate. If the birth certificate is for someone born outside California, notify the Office of Vital Records or its equivalent in the state or country where the child was born.

Ask them how to get an amended birth certificate. Go to the school's Main Office or ask the school secretary to fill out the papers. Let your health, car and life insurance companies know of your child's name change. I have tons of licenses and certificates with my maiden name, if I change my name to his, I believe I have to change all my licenses and certificates, but if I hyphenate it, do I also have to change all my licenses and certificates?

Hi Adriana.


You'd have to contact your licensing board of any change to your name. How you sign is up to state regulations and your employer. It's possible you can continue to operate under your maiden name, as long as the proper agencies are contacted about your legal name change. Hi, My fiance and I are getting married in a few weeks.

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I have no middle name, but a two word last name. One of the words overlaps with segments of his last name. Got married in CA, on my marriage license for new name is it stated as first name, middle name, and husbands last name. My question is when I renew my dmv license I want to keep my name as my birth name but add my husbands last name. So it will be first, middle, madien and husband last name. We got married in — my husband would like to take my last name. Can he take our marriage cert to SS to get his name changed?

Hi Mitsuko. He could only change it to match what's on the marriage certificate's new name after marriage section. At the time I have changed my last name through SS office and CA DMV based on my marriage certificate, even though in my new last name was not shown in my marriage certificate. Social Security Starting August 1, , Social Security offices across the county will no longer offer Social Security number printouts. Your social security card and driver's license would be your proof.

How to Fill Out a Name Change Form and Petition

Your marriage certificate is also proof that you had a legal right to change your name. I changed my last name to my husbands on our NY marriage license but I have yet to change my name officially with social security and dmv.

If you do change your name on your legal documents, how it applies to your professional documents varies. For instance, if you were a physician, you'd have to contact your licensing board to determine if credentials have to be reissued.

If you're concerned about your professional identity, then consider a DBA in your established professional name. Name change is optional. You don't have to move beyond the marriage license. If you update your name with the SSA, it's unlikely you'll be able to renew your driver's license in a name that doesn't match what the SSA has on file. When my husband and I applied for our marriage license we decided that I would take on his last name and take out my maiden name.

But I have since changed my mind after we got married. When I got married in , I kept my maiden name. Our marriage certificate in CA shows my maiden name. But, I've since changed my mind and I'd like to take my husband's last name and make my maiden name my middle name. At this point, do I need to go to court to change my maiden name to my husband's last name? At the time I thought that was my birth last name. I wanted to use my new name. Both my spouse and I signed the amendment. I signed it with my "new" maiden name-married surname.

I have my new birth certificate, court order showing paternity. Hi Dee. Did they request additional supporting documents that you aren't able to provide or did they specifically say they needed a court order? Is this a passport renewal or new passport? This is for a US Passport renewal. Oftentimes, what you're allowed to change to comes down to the leniency of the agent you deal with.

You can try another office or mail in your application, if that's an option available to you. Thank you Valera. I suspected as much and plan to try a different office. I researched and researched as to what I was doing wrong and to what of my documents wasn't "legal" when I came across your site.

Thank you for all you are doing. When I got married in California , the clerk told me that as long as I didn't hyphenate mine and my husband's last names that I could use either or both. If I want to start a trust or buy property in Las Vegas using my husband's last name leaving mine off completely would I have to legally add my husband's last name to my driver's license and social security card first or could I use a certified copy of my marriage license as ID?

Thank you so much! I don't know what the basis of the clerk's position was.

Birth Certificate FAQ

Your last name is your last name, space or hyphen. I'm not aware of an updated clarification being made to the Name Equality Act. It's up to the financial institution, but it's unlikely. Your marriage certificate is for proof of marriage.

name change on birth certificate california Name change on birth certificate california
name change on birth certificate california Name change on birth certificate california
name change on birth certificate california Name change on birth certificate california
name change on birth certificate california Name change on birth certificate california
name change on birth certificate california Name change on birth certificate california

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